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Philips 60W Replacement LED Bulb (soft white)

Dutch retailer extraordinaire Philips is no stranger to home lighting, and no stranger to LEDs, either. The current generation of its flat-topped 60W equivalent is a sturdy bulb that boasts a slight uptick in brightness compared to the Cree, as well as exceptional compatibility with dimmer switches. That's enough for it to earn our stamp of approval -- though we wish it were priced a little lower than its $15 MSRP.

The Good Philips' 60W equivalent LED offers excellent brightness, along with a build that won't buzz or flicker when used with in-wall dimmer switches.
The Bad The Philips LED isn't quite as efficient as Cree's 60W replacement, which also costs less.
The Bottom Line At $15, this bulb isn't the cheapest in the lighting aisle, but it's well worth it if you plan on dimming your lights.
Part Number: Philips 60W Equivalent LED (soft white)


All things considered, the Philips 60W Equivalent LED is a very well-rounded light, and one that merits consideration right up alongside the comparable Cree 60W Replacement LED as a potential best buy. The Philips LED is the brighter of the two, and it performs better with built-in dimmer switches, which I imagine for many consumers will rightly tip the scales in its favor.
Still, the Philips' LED isn't quite as efficient as Cree, its warranty is half as long, and it costs $5 more, which is far from insignificant, especially if you're replacing an entire home's worth of bulbs. Bargain shoppers might want to keep their eye on the Philips SlimStyle, which currently retails for $9, but overall, unless I'm looking for a bulb to use with a dimmer switch, I'm sticking with Cree as my standard LED of choice.


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