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Cree 60W Replacement LED Bulb (Soft White)

North Carolina-based manufacturer Cree rocketed into the consumer-lighting space in 2013 after years spent making its name developing diodes and chipsets. Its first residential LED, the 60W replacement seen above, boasts excellent efficiency, a best-in-the-industry 10-year warranty, and a price point just under $10. Cree's LED gets almost everything right, making it a clear lighting-aisle best buy.

The Good Cree's flagship 60W Replacement LED boasts satisfying performance, exceptional efficiency, and an industry-leading 10-year warranty.
The Bad Cree's LED isn't quite as bright as the comparable Philips LED, and it buzzes noticeably on dimmer switches.
The Bottom Line If you're looking for value in the lighting aisle, look no further -- this LED leads the pack.


Overall, the Cree 60W Replacement LED offers outstanding value, and lives up to its reputation as a lighting aisle best buy. At $10 each (or lower, if you live in an area that offers energy rebates), you'll be getting a reliable, high quality light that's designed to last decades and warrantied accordingly. The value grows exponentially if you're upgrading from incandescents -- swap out just a few bulbs, and you'll make a noticeable dent in your monthly energy bill.
All that said, Cree's original LED isn't in quite as dominant a position as it was in last year, when the lack of affordable competition made it all but a no-brainer. Since then, prices have fallen faster than anticipated, and the emergence of bulbs like the low-cost Philips SlimStyle (and even $5 LEDs at Ikea) have given consumers more options worth considering, not to mention new, design-minded LEDs like the Philips Clear, which seem to hold some distinct appeal of their own. Cree is still a pack leader -- but the race is getting increasingly tight.

Part Number: BA19-08027OMF-12DE26-2U100


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