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Connected by TCP Wireless LED Lighting Kit; Smart LED Bulbs

Thinking about upgrading to a brainier set of bulbs? TCP has just the thing with its Connected by TCP Wireless LED Lighting Kit. Just plug the mercifully small Gateway into your router, screw in the bulbs, download the app, and voila -- you'll be all set. Each kit comes with the Gateway, three high-quality smart LEDs, and even a handy little remote control so you won't need to whip out your phone every time you want to dim the lights. You'll be able to set custom lighting scenes that trigger either at specific times or at the touch of a button -- perfect for movie night, date night, or my favorite, getting out of bed in the morning. Best of all is the cost. You can get the three-bulb kit at Home Depot for just $109, then add additional bulbs to your system for about $17 each. There's nothing that isn't smart about that.

The Good The budget-friendly Connected by TCP Wireless LED Lighting Kit is a cinch to set up, and the app is easy to use as well. Each bulb gives off 800 lumens -- more than Philips Hue or Insteon LED bulbs.
The Bad TCP doesn't offer compatibility with cool Web services like IFTTT or new all-in-one hubs like Revolv, the way that Philips does.
The Bottom Line For basic lighting automation needs, this TCP kit will do the job nicely -- and it won't break the bank, either. For more advanced features and controls, consider the competition, but be prepared to splurge.
Part Number: LCS3LD11


If you're interested in automated lighting that isn't a pain to program, then they very well may be. In my tests, TCP's system worked flawlessly, and programming specific scenes or schedules was a cinch. The Gateway features an attractive, space-conscious design, the remote control was nice to have, and the bulbs were surprisingly sturdy. Best of all, those bulbs offer a very strong quality of light that I think most consumers would find very appealing.
Still, if you're already willing to spend over $100 on a lighting system for your home, I wouldn't blame you for being tempted by the Philips Hue Starter Kit . Even brushing aside the obvious novelty of a color-changing light, you'll still be getting access to fun features like geofencing and IFTTT compatibility . The question is whether or not those extra features are worth the extra $60, and for a lot of consumers, they probably will be. Whether or not they're worth an extra $90 is more difficult to say. That Home Depot price point is an awfully good deal.
Philips comparisons aside, the Connected by TCP Wireless LED Lighting Kit is a simple smart home solution that stands on its own merits. With its high-quality hardware, intuitive app, and appealing price point, it might be one of the most attractive entry-level smart lighting options currently available. If you're a value-minded, novelty-averse consumer who's been waiting for a simpler smart lighting alternative, then this could be the kit you've been holding out for.


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