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Cree 60W Replacement LED Bulb with 4Flow Filament Design (11 watt)

Everything old is new again. Case in point: Cree's new LED, built to imitate the incandescents of old as closely as possible. It's an understandable addition to Cree's lineup, given the recent changes to the lighting landscape. With phased-out incandescents gradually disappearing from store shelves, more and more consumers simply want to be able to find something familiar.
LEDs have been trying to imitate incandescents for years now. First it was light quality, with LEDs of all sorts quickly keying in on a satisfying, yellowy color temperature of 2,700K. Then, we saw bulbs with diodes strategically placed to mimic an incandescent's filament, along with designs that tried to hide the unsightly heat sinks.

Philips Clear 40W Replacement LED Bulb

The frosted bulbs on today's LEDs aren't just there for softer light -- they also hide the unsightly hardware inside. But what if you're a fan of the exposed bulb aesthetic, and looking for a worthy replacement for those translucent incandescents lining your bathroom mirror? Philips thinks it has just the thing with its new Clear LED, a 40W replacement bulb which the Dutch company promises will mimic the "elegant shape and sparkling light" of traditional incandescents. With its A60 shape, clear glass bulb, and inconspicuous heat sinks, this LED is designed to strike a more familiar tone with consumers than its often irregular-looking competition.

Philips SlimStyle BR30 65W Replacement LED Bulb (9.5 watt)

Philips raised plenty of eyebrows when it introduced the original SlimStyle LED earlier this year. Months later, the company followed suit by announcing an LED floodlight that borrowed both the SlimStyle's name and its flattened-out approach to bulb design.

Lumenation Lumen LED Color; Smart LED Bulbs

Tempted by the thought of a color-changing LED, but too broke to drop hundreds of dollars on the Philips Hue kit? Consider the Lumen LED Color Smart Bulb from Lumenation, a $65 standalone bulb that's just as colorful as those Hues. You'll control it on your smartphone over a Bluetooth connection, so there's no need for a hub -- just screw the Lumen bulb in, download the app, and start figuring out whether it's teal, fuchsia, or lime green-tinted light that does a better job of tying the room together. Lumen's app offers a few colorful preset cycles, along with fun features like a music sync mode and a wake-up light, but it isn't quite as smart or as well-connected as the Philips Hue bulbs are. Still, at a (relatively) affordable price of $65, it's a novelty that might feel like less of a risk.

Philips Hue Connected Bulb starter pack; Smart LED Bulbs

OK, OK, we'll admit that you almost certainly don't need on-demand color-changing capabilities from your home lighting. But admit it -- you kind of want it, right? Well, for $199, that's exactly what Philips is offering with the Philips Hue Connected Bulb Starter Kit. Each kit comes with three color-changing LED bulbs and the Hue Bridge that you'll plug into your router in order to sync them up with your smartphone. Hue bulbs are compatible with cool products like the Revolv Hub, as well as the free Web service IFTTT, which means you'll be able to flash the lights when your favorite NFL team kicks off, adjust the lighting to represent how well your stocks are doing, or connect your bulbs with other cool smart home products like the Belkin WeMo Switch or the SmartThings suite of sensors. They're a bit of a novelty, for sure, but as novelties go, this kit is one of our favorites.

Connected by TCP Wireless LED Lighting Kit; Smart LED Bulbs

Thinking about upgrading to a brainier set of bulbs? TCP has just the thing with its Connected by TCP Wireless LED Lighting Kit. Just plug the mercifully small Gateway into your router, screw in the bulbs, download the app, and voila -- you'll be all set. Each kit comes with the Gateway, three high-quality smart LEDs, and even a handy little remote control so you won't need to whip out your phone every time you want to dim the lights. You'll be able to set custom lighting scenes that trigger either at specific times or at the touch of a button -- perfect for movie night, date night, or my favorite, getting out of bed in the morning. Best of all is the cost. You can get the three-bulb kit at Home Depot for just $109, then add additional bulbs to your system for about $17 each. There's nothing that isn't smart about that.

Philips SlimStyle 60W Replacement LED bulb (10.5 watt, Soft White)

For a less three-dimensional spin on home lighting, check out the flattened-out Philips SlimStyle, which looks like a light bulb in silhouette only. Why flatten things out? Heat dispersion -- with the SlimStyle's unique design, Philips was able to distribute the diodes along the upper perimeter of the bulb, away from the heat at the base. That eliminated the need for bulky heat sinks and made it possible for Philips to sell the SlimStyle for less than $9. One caveat though: unlike the standard Philips LED, the SlimStyle gets a bit buzzy when used with a dimmer.

Philips 60W Replacement LED Bulb (soft white)

Dutch retailer extraordinaire Philips is no stranger to home lighting, and no stranger to LEDs, either. The current generation of its flat-topped 60W equivalent is a sturdy bulb that boasts a slight uptick in brightness compared to the Cree, as well as exceptional compatibility with dimmer switches. That's enough for it to earn our stamp of approval -- though we wish it were priced a little lower than its $15 MSRP.

Ikea 60W Replacement Ledare LED Bulb

For a clear sign of how far LED pricing has come in the past year or so, look no further than Ikea, the Swedish retail giant. Wander into the lighting section of one of the company's megastores, and you'll find bargain-priced LEDs bearing the "Ledare" name, with 60W replacements that retail for less than $5 each. That "60W replacement" distinction is a bit of a stretch, given that the bulbs put out just 600 lumens each (you want at least 800 to match a 60W incandescent). They also aren't nearly as efficient as the competition, and they don't come with any warranty whatsoever. Still, it's hard to complain when you're spending only $5. Plus, as a bonus, these bulbs have surprisingly outstanding color-rendering capabilities.

GE Energy Smart 60W Replacement LED Bulb

GE's Energy Smart LED is another 60W replacement that sells for right around $10. It isn't quite as efficient as the competition, but we were impressed with the quality of the light it puts out, especially when it comes to colors.

Cree 60W Replacement LED Bulb (Soft White)

North Carolina-based manufacturer Cree rocketed into the consumer-lighting space in 2013 after years spent making its name developing diodes and chipsets. Its first residential LED, the 60W replacement seen above, boasts excellent efficiency, a best-in-the-industry 10-year warranty, and a price point just under $10. Cree's LED gets almost everything right, making it a clear lighting-aisle best buy.

Light bulb buying guide

When Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), the incandescent bulb's days officially became numbered. The law mandated strict new energy standards for lighting designed to kick-start a new era of greener, longer-lasting, more cost-efficient light bulbs -- and this meant kicking outdated, inefficient bulbs to the curb. The rising standards have already rendered 100W and 75W incandescents obsolete, and on January 1, 2014, their 60W and 40W cousins met the same fate. Congressional budget waffling seemed to put the new standards on hold, but it was largely too late -- the industry had already moved on, and wasn't interested in reversing course. Well, fear not, because we've got you covered with a handy guide that's chock-full of all the information you'll need to make sure that your next light bulb is the right bulb.Like it or not, the arrival of this new era means that replacing your lights will never be quite the same. With all of the …

LED the future of efficient green lighting; in Pakistan

I wonder how many of us are quite willing for a change and are making up their minds to shift towards this technology of efficient lighting which dawned upon us recently. This technology of future has reached our doorsteps by the courtesy of our Chinese neighbors. I have been in contact with the local representatives of OSRAM, a leading European firm working in the field of LED lighting. According to them a single PRATHOM LED bulb can be made available @4500/- PKR which to my understanding is quite high a price in every respect. I wonder if people have ever tried their Chinese counterparts like OSAKA etc which are readily available in the local market and almost on all the supermarkets.

Efficient, useful blue-light LED draws Nobel Prize in physics

Three researchers received the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for the invention of this blue light-emitting diode (LED), a technology now used in high-speed networking, data storage, smartphones, water purification, and efficient home illumination.